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Live Backup Now - Real-time Backup  v.5.0

Live Backup Now is a real-time and continuous file backup software for user endpoints and file servers. It automatilcally backs up your most critical files the moment they are saved.

Live Backup Now  v.5.0.1

Live Backup Now is a real-time and continuous file backup software. Live Backup Now is a real-time and continuous file backup program for user endpoints and file servers.1.


Atempo LiveBackup Client  v.3.20.990

With its unrivaled continuous data protection technology, Atempo Live Backup provides a transparent solution that has no impact on end user performance or network workload.

Live File Backup  v.2.38

Real-time backup software for continuous data protection in the background. Live File Backup is the auto backup program between regular system backups ensuring continuous data protection.

Time Navigator  v.

An advanced high-performance backup and recovery solution, Atempo Time Navigator has evolved into a powerful and easy to use tool for tiered data protection that can fit the data protection needs of both large enterprises and small to medium size bus

AIMstor  v.2.0

AIMstor provides a single data management platform enabling Backup, Realtime Replication, CDP and Archiving. The User interface enables you to create policies using different types of operations for given classifications. Use all the features

HoboCopy  v.1.0.0

HoboCopy is a tiny backup application. A backup/copy tool. It is inspired by robocopy in both name and in functionality. It differs outstandingly from robocopy, however, in two respects: 1. It is not as full featured as robocopy. 2. It uses the

My Daily Planner  v.

Update 3.3 Google Event Sync now Live!! Landscape Calendar, Live Tile Count Update 3.1 - A ton of new features and bug fixes Google Sync for ToDos supporting multiple task lists and copying from one task list to another Live Tile support for

Z-VSScopy  v.1.7

Z-VSScopy manages the Windows Restore Points (snapshots) that are created by your operating system.

WMBackup - Windows Live Mail Backup Software  v.2.80

With WMBackup you create a backup of your Windows Mail or Live Mail Data, E-mail Accounts, Contacts, Calendar, Message Rules and Signatures. It enables you to access your data in case of emergency or during the start-up of a new computer.

ABC Windows Live Mail Backup  v.2.50

ABC Windows Live Mail Backup is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to backup and restore your Windows Mail data. It saves email and news messages, accounts, rules, contacts, junk mail settings, stationery, signatures and all Personal Settings.

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